Nine Mile Software, Inc. announced today the official launch of TradeWarrior Small Business 1.0. TradeWarrior is a portfolio rebalancing and trading tool designed specifically for the growing Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) marketplace. It greatly reduces the time it takes an RIA firm to trade and rebalance their book of business. The latest major beta test was released on June 8th in preparation for today’s launch.

A Registered Investment Advisor is defined as an advisor, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, who manages the investments of others. Typically, an RIA with more than $25 million under management must register with the SEC. RIAs managing less than $25 million are registered at the state level.

Damon Deru, CEO of Nine Mile Software, Inc. stated, “We are excited to release TradeWarrior into the market today. This culminates over two and a half years of commercial development on the software. TradeWarrior offers a new level of functionality and affordability for advisors.” He further stated, “I’d like to personally thank all the stakeholders who have believed in us from the beginning,” said Damon Deru, CEO. “I’d also like to thank our users and beta testers who have provided invaluable feedback and direction on the program. Lastly, I’d like to thank the employees of Nine Mile Software who have put in a lot of hard work and long hours to make this happen.”

Ryan Sullivan, CTO of Nine Mile commented, “TradeWarrior has been developed, refined, and used successfully by advisors and back-office traders to quickly rebalance client accounts in a rules-based manner,” Mr. Sullivan continued, “TradeWarrior’s low cost, intuitive user interface and stellar performance will help bring a new level of ROI to the rebalancing software market.”

Some of the Key Features of TradeWarrior include:

• Ability to run the program on your desktop or an Internet browser.
• Household (multi-account) based rebalancing.
• Easily manage client cash withholdings and distributions.
• Supports all major custodians, namely, Charles Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade and Pershing.
• Includes multiple Model types such as Security Specific, Asset Class, and Model of Model target allocations.
• Dynamic account filtering and grouping.
• Built-in “Errors and Alerts” system warns of potential problems.
• Software rebalances thousands of accounts in minutes.

Nine Mile Software, Inc., a financial services software company, was founded by former investment advisors and provides a practical real world approach to solving the rebalancing and trading needs that advisors face. TradeWarrior Small Business is the first commercially released software from Nine Mile Software. More information on the Company and its products and the investment opportunity they present can be found on its website at