“Splatoon” has been one of Nintendo’s biggest hits of recent memory and is currently one of the most successful games for the Wii U in terms of sales and reviews. Now, it looks like the company is going to add even more content to the game. A new “Splatoon” multiplayer mode called Tower Control has been announced and can be found in the Ranked Battles mode.

According to Polygon, the new Tower Control mode has a team taking control of a mobile tower, which starts moving once a team has boarded across it and takes control of it from the opposing team, who will also be trying to board it. Once seized, the mobile tower will move to the enemy base and it is up to the team in the tower to protect the tower, along with its driver from the opposing team. Once the tower reaches the enemy base, the team aboard the tower wins the match.

Releasing a new multiplayer mode before this weekend’s Splatfest in North America is an interesting move from Nintendo, as it presents a new mode with which most players haven’t had too much experience yet. Nintendo’s Treehouse channel has showcased the new mode on Twitch TV to give players the idea of how the mode will work.

While a new mode for “Splatoon” is an occasion worth celebrating, Game Informer has questioned why Nintendo didn’t announce free content for the multiplayer-centric shooter earlier, ensuring that more fans would buy the game. CD Projekt Red announced 16 free downloadable content (DLC) packs for “The Witcher 3,” which not only did well in sales, but also is a current Game of the Year contender.

That’s not to say “Splatoon” is a slouch in the sales department, since more than a million copies were sold worldwide in the game’s first month. Perhaps Nintendo will announce future “Splatoon” DLC in advance next time, especially if it’s free, so that gamers can anticipate and download said DLC.

“Splatoon” is currently available for the Nintendo Wii U and is one of the first games praised for its use of the Wii U gamepad. The “Splatoon” tower control mode should be available for download now. 

Nintendo Treehouse: Live with "Splatoon" Tower Control (Credit: YouTube/Nintendo)