The latest device affected by the crisis in Japan may be the 3DS, according to Nintendo statements.

In a statement issued last week, the company denied that product shipments had been altered by the situation in Japan. Business operations, including future product shipments, have not been affected, the statement read.

But in a statement to The New York Times today, Nintendo backtracked on its previous announcement. Business operations, including future product shipments, have not been significantly affected so far, the company said in a second statement.

Nintendo wouldn't be the only electronics company affected by the recent events in Japan. Sony Ericcson, Toshiba, and Hitachi Ltd. have all announced production shifts as power outages and fuel shortages have hampered production.

Toshiba announced that a factory outside Tokyo would be closed until next month in response to the situation in Japan. The company, which is the world's second largest NAND chip maker, in responsible for the 3DS's flash memory chip.

The 3DS' main draw, its 3D screen, is believed to be manufactured by the Japanese company Sharp, which announced glasses-free 3D screens last year. Nintendo, however, has not confirmed the speculation.

Sharp says its operations in Japan have been unaffected by the crisis in Japan. There are no extensive damages to our buildings or production facilities in Japan including our plant located in Yaita-city, Tochigi prefecture, the company said, noting that its LCD factories were similarly unharmed.