For the first time ever, NIS America will be bringing “Disgaea: Hour of Darkness” to the PC via Steam. The game will arrive next year on February, though no specific release date for the strategy roleplaying game (RPG) has been revealed.

According to Gematsu, the Steam version of the game won’t be too different from the original PlayStation 2 classic. This means that there will still be 40 types of character classes to unlock and items to level up through the incredibly difficult Item World.

Speaking of leveling up, “Disgaea” let players level up the characters until 9999. Most video games would have stopped at 99, but then again, “Disgaea” isn’t most video games.

The game has been considered a classic by many fans of the strategy RPG genre, due to its memorable characters and funny writing. The series has proven to be popular enough to spawn five sequels and a spinoff title featuring the Penguin-like Prinny character.

In fact, the first game “Hour of Darkness” was so popular that it spawned a sequel: “Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness.” The game is currently an exclusive on the PlayStation 3, with no plans to bring it to Steam just yet, though that could always change.

Aside from its 2D sprites and likeable characters, “Disgaea” is also known for one other thing, and that is its soul-crushing difficulty. Strategy and a ton of leveling up is key to beating the game, as players face off against ridiculously difficult enemies and bosses that are almost impossible to beat.

“Disgaea: Hour of Darkness” was the first game in the series, so it's fitting that it will be the first game in the franchise to hit Steam as well. Fans interested in the game can go to the official Steam Page and see what it has to offer.

Atlus USA Trailer: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (Credit: YouTube/AtlusUSA)