Last year, NIS America released its first 3D action roleplaying game called "The Witch and the Hundred Knight" for the PlayStation 3. Fans that weren’t able to play the game now have a second chance to do so, as NIS America has announced "The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition" for the PlayStation 4 and it will be coming to North America next year on March 1.

The official announcement was made on the PlayStation Blog. This will be an upgraded edition of the original game, with a variety of new features, updated graphics and a new character to play as.

Fans of the original game will be happy to know that Metallia is the new playable character. The witch who controls the Hundred Knight can finally do the dirty work herself in the swamp, presumably with her own set of weapons and armor to get.

Unlike the Hundred Knight, Metallia will mostly be using magic when she takes on enemies. The swamp witch will be able to command lightning, create a vortex that draws in enemies and summon a giant sword that can take down most of the foes that Metallia faces.

Another new aspect of the game is the "Tower of Illusion." In order to access this area, players must sacrifice a weapon. According to a report from Gematsu, the stronger the weapon is the tougher the enemies are in said tower. Stronger enemies also lead to better loot, so players up for a challenge have this area to look forward to.

Catalysts are another new feature in the game. Players can combine catalysts in the new alchemy system and boost the stats of their weapons, or any other items. The number of catalysts that can be used per item is limited, so players have to choose the ones that best fit their playing style.

"The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition" will cost $39.99, which is considerably cheaper than most games on the PS4. There will also be a limited edition of the game that will come with a large amount of extras for $49.99.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition - Announcement Trailer | PS4 (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)