NIVS IntelliMedia Technology Group (NIV) is an integrated consumer electronics company focused on designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling intelligent audio and video products and mobile phones in China, Greater Asia, Europe, and North America. The NIVS brand has received “Most Popular Brand” distinction in China’s acoustic industry for three years in a row, among numerous other awards.

The company has a 2.7 million square foot factory, which includes a large-scale, 1.1 million square-foot production area, and more than 1,400 full-time employees. Its modernized production lines include automated processing equipment and procedures that can be easily modified to accommodate new customer requests, designs and specifications.

To enhance product quality, reduce cost, and keep pace with technological advances and evolving market trends, NIVS has established an advanced research and development center to conduct substantially all of its research and development with an in-house staff. The company has approximately six senior technology researchers, with many holding doctorate degrees, and 15 core researchers.

In recent news, NIVS announced that it has been awarded its first purchase order from China Mobile Limited, the largest mobile phone carrier in China. According to Morningstar, China Mobile controls the vast majority of China’s domestic mobile services market, with 70% market share. With a subscriber base of over 500 million customers, China Mobile is believed to represent sizable potential business opportunities for NIVS.