Rather disappointing. While we were expecting the announcement of iPhone 5, it turns out Apple brings us the iPhone 4S. The design is the same. It looks exactly the same as iPhone 4. Being that said, the inside is completely revamped with more processing power and some nice features.

What's New about iPhone 4S

Here is the complete improved specification:

1. Dual-core A5 processor: The processing speed is doubled and the graphical performance is improved by 7 times, as compared to the iPhone 4 model.

2. Battery life improves: 8 hours talk time on 3G, 14 hours on 2G. 6 hours of browsing on 3G, 9 on Wi-Fi. 10 hours of video playback, 40 hours of music.

3. World Phone: The iPhone 4S supports both GSM and CDMA network. So one phone for both types of network. It's especially great for frequent traveller.

4. New 8-megapixel camera with improved sensor. It's also enabled with face detection and better white balance.

5. Support 1080p HD video recording with real-time noise reduction and video stabilization


6. Voice-controlled personal assistant called Siri. This is an awesome feature that is available on the new iPhone. You can simply press and hold Home button to launch the Siri assistant. Just talk to it in natural language and ask question like Will it rain in Cupertino? or What's the time in Paris? or How's the NASDAQ doing today? and it'll answer accordingly. The Siri can even help you read out the text message. You can just talk to it and the Siri will help you reply the text message. You don't even need to type. You can check out the video demo to learn more about Siri.


That's all for the new features. It's rather disappointing that it doesn't come with a new design. Probably Apple wants you to save money and allows you to reuse your iPhone case :-)

Pricing and Availability

The iPhone 4S will be officially released on Oct 14 and you can pre-order it starting from Oct 7. For the pricing, the iPhone 4S starts at $199 for the 16GB and $299 for the 32GB. You can put down $100 more to grab the new 64GB model.

It'll first hit US, Canada, Australia, the UK, France, Germany and Japan. In the US it'll be available on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. On Oct 28, Apple will bring the iPhone 4S to 22 more countries.

What do you think about the new iPhone? Will you upgrade to it?



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