Former Olympus Corp CEO Michael Woodford said on Thursday he would not be surprised if there was some criminality involved in an accounting scandal at the company, as speculation persists of a link between dubious M&A deals and organised crime.

Woodford also told an audience of business executives in Tokyo that he had a dream team at Olympus he could employ to run the company if he returned as chief executive.

Olympus fired Woodford as CEO on October 14, saying he did not understand Japanese culture. Woodford said his dismissal was due to questioning dubious M&A payments.

Woodford spent Thursday in the Japanese capital talking to prosecutors, securities regulators and police investigating the scandal at the camera and endoscope maker.

Olympus has admitted to using funds from M&A deals to hide losses dating back to the 1990s. The firm's new president has blamed three executives, including his predecessor Tsuyoshi Kikukawa, for the scam.

(Reporting by Tim Kelly, Editing by Ian Geoghegan)