Walking through snowy Munich last night, I saw something I've never seen before:

An empty Apple store.

The store was closed, so it's not surprising that it was empty.  But still, that's not something I see every day. (The flagship store in New York never closes. And it's never empty.)

Munich's a pretty city, especially at night in the snow. Here are some more shots from the center of town.

The "New Town Hall" in Marienplatz. It's always a wake-up call for Americans to visit Europe and be reminded that a building started in 1867 is considered "new."

One of a couple massive iPad Mini billboards in the center of Munich:

Streetcars in the snow.

Bikes in the snow.

(In New York, those would be bike frames in the snow, with wheels, seats, handle bars, and pedals having been stolen.)

Statue of a guy walking in the snow... (Foreground, made of bronze. He's someone in particular, but I forget who.)

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