No one knows for sure what will happen next in the stock market.

But there is no shortage of people who get paid to make a prediction

Fourteen of Wall Street's best sell-side equity strategist have published their 2013 year-end targets for the S&P 500.

Some calls were bearish, like Wells Fargo's Gina Martin Adams who sees the S&P falling to 1,390.

Others were bullish, like Citi's Tobias Levkovich who sees the S&P heading to 1,615.

A few veterans, legends, and graybeards like Byron Wien, Richard Bernstein, and David Rosenberg also submitted their forecasts.

We've also heard from money management behemoths BlackRock and Federated Investors.

Even the bond gods Bill Gross and Jeff Gundlach made stock market predictions.

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Below is a round up of what the big Wall Street houses are predicting.


HouseS&P 500 Target    EPS
Wells Fargo1,390$103.00
Morgan Stanley1,434$98.71
Deutsche Bank1,500*$108.00
Credit Suisse1,550$104.90
Goldman Sachs1,575$107.00
BMO Capital1,575$106.25
JP Morgan1,580$110.00
BofA Merrill Lynch  1,600$110.00

NOTE: Almost all forecasts were published in December.  We suspect many will make adjustments as the details of the fiscal cliff dealings get ironed out.

Wells Fargo Securities - 1,390

2013 EPS: $103

Strategist: Gina Martin Adams

Comments: "The U.S. economy will likely continue to struggle with the ongoing impacts of debt deleveraging in 2013, suggesting policy is likely to be the dominant driver of market sentiment for the fifth year running. However, there is evidence that global deleveraging is progressing along to a new phase in its evolution. The first four years of the process were characterized by private sector debt reduction, the vast majority of which was absorbed by public coffers. Now, as the private sector unwind of debt nears completion, the onus is shifting to the public sector to address bloated debt balances in the year ahead."

Source: UBS

UBS - 1,425

2013 EPS: $108

Strategist: Jonathan Golub

Comments: "Our cautious stance is predicated upon a belief that a number of macro uncertainties — the most important of which stem from long-term U.S. fiscal imbalances — will hamper earnings growth and constrain valuations in 2013. ... [O]ur sense is that the most important structural issues will be pushed off into the future, leaving significant uncertainty about the long-term direction of the economy and corporate profits."

Source: UBS

Morgan Stanley - 1,434

2013 EPS: $98.71

Strategist: Adam Parker

Comments: "We recommend increasing China exposure, as China-centric US equities have lagged and are cheap vs. US-centric equities"

Source: Morgan Stanley

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