There have been rumors circulating since at least January about a high end Nokia (NYSE:NOK) phone for Verizon (NYSE:VZ), but people were left in the dark about what that phone actually was. At the time, there were tips that a special model code named “Laser” would appear about the same time as the Catwalk, which was meant for T-Mobile USA.

Recently, though someone released a screenshot of Verizon’s internal system that shows a line-item of Nokia devices. New to the system is a Lumia 928. Additionally, the Verge reported last week that this phone is the Lumia 928.

Currently, not much is known about the new Nokia. Reports indicate that it is at least comparable to the Nokia 920 that AT&T (NYSE:T) has had since Windows 8 (NASDAQ:MSFT) debuted. Some sources also think this device is connected to the RM-860, which passed through the FCC listings recently. If it is actually the same handset, it could pass come out on the market much sooner than expected.

The device’s specifications will share a number of similarities with the Lumia 920 as it will also have a WXGA screen resolution. Additionally, it may have the same 8.7 megapixel camera. From the image on the FCC listing though, it appears that this device will look somewhat different from the although the aluminum casing may still be retained for the Catwalk.

When the Nokia 928 makes its debut, Verizon will market it as its flagship device. This would be a change for the carrier, which currently only has the middling Nokia 822.

Those who did not make the switch to AT&T, but liked the Nokia 920 will be looking forward to the Nokia 928. There is also a chance that Verizon will position this as a “Droid alternative” and a way for the Windows Phone to capture more of the U.S. market.

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