Nokia's big push into the U.S. smartphone wars begins April 9, and when the Lumia 900 releases on AT&T for $100 on contract, people will want the best new apps for their new toy. Lucky for them, Nokia has been hard at work on new apps for quite a while. Most of that work has gone into Nokia's own operating system Symbian, but now its Microsoft partnership will be the focus. That's why Nokia has a few free apps that are only available to Lumia phone owners. 

Because the Windows Phone operating system is so new, there aren't nearly as many apps as there are for the iOS and Android system. Microsoft and Nokia are each spending up to $12 million to build up a Finnish program called AppCampus. The program will help build more apps for the Windows Phone system,'s Gadget Lab blog reported.

As for the Lumia itself, Microsoft is spending $25 million in order for AT&T employees to be given one each as their company-given freebie. That way, the people selling the phones in stores will be better able to tell people about them. Will Windows Phone overtake the BlackBerry system as the third most popular in the U.S? Begin the slideshow to find out about some new Nokia apps and see if they're compelling enough for people to adopt the Lumia as their own. Let us know in the comments if you're convinced or if you plan to head to the AT&T store and check out the new phone.  

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