Nokia and CNN have announced plans for a new mapping service to the network, a report in Mobiletor said.

CNN recently tied up with Nokia’s 3D maps for the recent royal British wedding. CNN has decided to adopt the strategy which will provide users with feedbacks and will enable them to discuss topics on Twitter even during live streaming. The news channel has decided to release an app which will co-ordinate with Nokia phones having a Symbian operating system.

The application will start with a black background. Users will have the option to scroll the news section on top and go through major stories from various countries like US, Africa, Europe and many more. Business, sports, entertainment and others categories have also been included.

The scrolling option will benefit the touch interface in the best possible way. The interface will provide graphics to draw users’ attention and will also emphasize on news stories. Users will also have the option to select a definite type of news which they will search for that will include the day’s top 10 stories with short headings and small graphics on the screen.

An iReport section has also been provided where users can post audios or videos directly to CNN. Users can also upload them from their library and submit it to make their stories more interesting. Videos can be also be watched with Wi-fi or 3G connections.