A Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) textbook for Class 6 students which says the non-vegetarians cheat, lie and commit sex crimes has stirred a controversy in India.

The textbook, titled “New Healthway: Health, Hygiene, Physiology, Safety, Sex Education, Games and Exercises,” has shocked the nation with its objectionable content relating to non-vegetarianism.

According to an NDTV report, page 56 of the textbook speaks about meat eaters: "They easily cheat, tell lies, they forget promises, they are dishonest and tell bad words, steal, fight and turn to violence and commit sex crimes." 

On the same page, the children learn that the taste of meat comes from waste products. "It is the waste products which largely produce the flavor of meat."

The textbook lauds the Japanese life style, saying the vegetarian food habit of the people has helped them have a longer life span. However, the textbook don’t mention the seafood culture in Japan.

The textbook reportedly contains gender biased statements. In the section on Life Lessons, it advocates that the best age for a girl to marry is between 18 and 25. It says, "To get married without a bad name is a dream of every young girl."

The content of the book, which points to the lack of monitoring of the lessons taught in Indian schools, has raised serious questions regarding the quality and objectivity of the textbooks. CBSE sources reportedly told the NDTV that there was no monitoring of the content of the school textbooks and they were chosen by individual schools.

The textbook in question was published by a reputed publishing firm, S.Chand, which has published hundreds of books for different schools and universities in India.

Educationists blame it on the policy of the CBSE which recommends the publisher and not the particular book.

"The CBSE recommends some publishers and not particularly books. It is a great way for us to actually see whether teachers are reading the books and teaching what the books say," Annie Koshy, principal of St Mary's school in New Delhi, was quoted as saying by the NDTV.

The content of the textbook has been condemned on the social media sites. Twitter has users posting angry as well as hilarious comments on the issue with a #LieSexCheat and #NonVegetarian tags.

Here are some samples:

mihir mehta ‏@NihilistMe: Just had chicken sikh kabab at subway .... searching for a hot chick now... #nonveg non-veg ..

Lokesh Bahety ‏@lbahety:Why did the chicken cross the road? A bunch of liars and cheaters were trying to rape it #NonVeg @waatho

ShehlaRashid: This whole non-vegetarians #LieSexCheat row is making me super duper uber hungry. Let me fry some chicken."

Amortentia ‏@Blahblaholic: I am a vegetarian but I don't see how that has any relevance with my lying, cheating and committing crimes,or not. #LieSexCheat

GunjanDua ‏@zunzanzua: Non veg blood? Or veg? The recipient might object. #LieSexCheat RT @mgirotra: Donated Blood :o)

Angry Bombay Girl ‏@shadymumbai: Dear Vegetarian People ...stop eating my Food's Food. OK. #Non Vegeterian .

Ganesh ‏@Ganesh_kratos: Well atleast they believe we #NonVegetarian, don’t kill Vegetarians...

Kamakaze ‏@kamleshksingh: Another difference between vegetarians and non-vegetarians is that the latter loves his lettuces too. The former froths at this #LieSexCheat  

Ari ‏@arichatt: Just came to know I am a liar, cheat & sexual offender. #NonVegetarian .. Oh bacon Id so stalk you  

Arun Ganesh ‏@arunganesh1203: Expect a clarification from #CBSE board- "Eating Non-veg food will give u the proteins & energy to steal, lie, cheat & be violent"

Geetika Rustagi ‏@geetiga: So technically speaking..all our politicians are non-vegetarians?