Given the numerous sanctions imposed against North Korea, international trade is not something one readily associates with the reclusive country, let alone a trade fair. And yet, the Kim Jong Un-led country is holding its annual international trade fair in Pyongyang, with participation from various countries.

The 12th Pyongyang Autumn International Trade Fair started Monday and ends Thursday, with over 280 companies from 15 countries showcasing their products. Some of the participating countries are China, Iran, Italy and Russia, as well as some from Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, according to Reuters.

Among the products on display at the trade fair, held at the Three-Revolution Exhibition House, were computers and other machinery, vehicles, electronic goods including 3D equipment, food items, clothes and shoes. A video, shot by Japan’s 47 News, showed a lineup of scooters and a stall with various fur garments, among other goods.

In another video supplied by North Korea’s state-run news agency and shared by Reuters, a local computer manufacturer, Achim Computer Joint Company, showcased a desktop machine with a water-cooled CPU. Computer processors can heat up significantly while performing heavy tasks and in such cases, a regular cooling fan is not enough, requiring an external coolant, such as water, to bring down the temperature to maintain efficiency.