North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il and his loyalists can't seem to have enough of luxury goods and sex slaves a.k.a. Joy Squad to indulge themselves even as the rest of the country suffers in abject poverty.

For instance, last year Kim Jong Il showered some 160 luxury cars on the directors of provincial committees of the Party and municipal committee secretaries, according to Radio Free Asia, a non-profit corporation broadcasting news and information.

The United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1718 on October 14, 2006 in the aftermath of its nuclear test of October 9, 2006. The resolution imposes a series of economic and commercial sanctions on North Korea, among which provisions states that UN members are banned from exporting luxury goods to North Korea.

Despite the UN’s ban on the sales of luxury items to North Korea, it has successfully secured shipment of many banned goods to the nation, according to a recent UN panel’s report on the enforcement of sanctions against the North.

“In December 2010, a shipment of high-quality tap-dancing shoes was blocked at Orio al Serio Airport (Milan),” said the report, according to Reuters.

Many South Korean media have reported that the US-made several dozen pairs of tap-dancing shoes must have been gifts to Kim Jong Il's Joy Squad, Gippeumjo, a.k.a. his sex servants. The mother of Kim Jong Un, the next successor of the regime and Kim's youngest son, was reportedly one of the squad's leading performers. The Joy Squad members not only satisfy the sexual cravings of Kim and his loyalists but also are good at dancing, singing and massage.

According to some unverified reports, young girls between age 9-10 are handpicked by Kim's men, who then are trained to serve in the squad. Once the girls reach the age of 18, the best ones are kept aside for Kim's personal pleasure. Generally the girls serve in the Joy Squad till the age of 25-26.

While North Korea’s food shortages are a controversial issue to the international society, according to one defector, Kim Jong Il’s luxury appetite was so large that his personal expenses soaked up 20 percent of the nation’s budget, WSJ reported.

The UN report also included other confiscated luxury items by Italy such as high quality cognac and whiskey worth 12,000 euros ($17,290) and equipment for a 1,000-person cinema valued at 130,000 euros ($187,310). The report further revealed that Pyongyang has attempted to purchase a dozen Mercedes-Benz vehicles, high-end musical recording equipment, more than three dozen pianos and cosmetics. Some of the items were successfully shipped to North Korea, after transiting through a neighboring transshipment hub.

Although China has objected to the official publication of the UN expert panel’s report, Security Council diplomats said that the transshipment hub was in China.

Check out a video clip of Kim Jong Il's Joy Squad, Gippeumjo:

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