BEIJING - North Korea has suspended visas for tourists from Britain, a Beijing-based travel agency said, citing the state-run travel company.

The move comes as United Nations Security Council members consider tightened sanctions on North Korea, which conducted a nuclear test last month.

In connection with the recent measures taken by U.K. government not to allow DPRK citizens to enter the U.K., we also will not receive any U.K. citizens as tourists to the DPRK for the time being, Korea International Travel Co said in a message to Koryo Tours, which specializes in North Korean travel.

About 2,000 western tourists a year visit North Korea, of which a few hundred are British.

It's a pity to me that measures like this prevent day-to-day engagement between ordinary people, said Koryo Tours' Nick Bonner, who has made a documentary about taking a team of North Korean football players on a trip to England.

Next year marks the tenth year of diplomatic relations between North Korea and Britain.

Tourists from the United States are currently restricted to visiting North Korea only during the Mass Games, which will be held in August and September this year.

(Reporting by Lucy Hornby)