North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong is scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly Thursday evening, when he is expected to take aim at the United States and South Korea. The representative from the Hermit Kingdom will speak on behalf of Pyongyang's enigmatic leader Kim Jong Un, who has never spoken at the U.N. 

The United Nations Web TV service will live stream Ri’s remarks, which are slated to begin a little before 8.30 p.m. EDT. You can watch the live stream by clicking here.

The current U.S.-led sanctions that have slapped bans on certain individuals involved in arms dealing and export of goods and equipment relating to ballistic missiles and other weapons are likely topics of discussion for Ri. Other sanctions include a ban on luxury goods and asset freezes on prominent officials.

“Hostile” sanctions were damaging Pyongyang's economic development and that North Korea’s goals “will not be attained” under current restrictions, Ri said Sunday at a meeting to discuss U.N. development goals, according to the South Korea news agency Yonhap. The United States "persistently tries to suffocate even the sectors of our people's life by resorting to all means, proceeding from its inveterate animosity and hostile policy to remove the socialist system," he added.

Ri was also expected to talk about the recent clash with South Korea at the Demilitarized Zone, an area that separates the two countries on the Korean peninsula. North Korea is alleged to have maimed two South Korean soldiers after placing land mines on a path inside the heavily fortified area. Seoul responded by establishing a wall of loud speakers that blasted propaganda toward the reclusive kingdom’s border.

South Korean President Park Geun-hye during her speech to the U.N. on Monday urged the international community to find a solution to North Korea’s nuclear issue. “Resolving the North Korean nuclear issue should be accorded the highest priority if we are to uphold the integrity of the international nuclear nonproliferation regime and live up to the aspirations of humanity for a world without nuclear weapons,” Park said.