North Korea’s sporting exploits have made recent headlines. The country seems to be especially talented in entertaining the world by its endless, creative and bizarre excuses and stories, particularly relating to soccer.

In North, soccer is indisputably the most popular sport while other popular sports such as baseball or golf, which have been branded as capitalist games, have been excluded.

Because of soccer's popularity, for each FIFA World Cup there is a recorded telecast of major games that lasts for about 40 minutes, regardless of whether or not North Korea made the finals, a North Korean expert, Joo Seong-Ha of Nambuk Story shares. That may not seem much, but it is a significant gesture in North Korea. Since there is only one channel that is broadcasted over the entire country, and only goes from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., 40 minutes is a precious block of time.

The authoritative nation has full of surprises and mysteries. To give an example of how outrageous the reported stories are, government officials claim that in 2004, their Dear Leader Kim Jong Il shot a 38 with five holes-in-one and it was in his first attempt at golf. What a golfer! He puts Tiger Woods to crying shame!

While there is no way to confirm all suspicions and allegations raised by multiple media outlets regarding the nation, the communist regime's problems are once again illuminated in its tall soccer stories.

Click “start” on the slideshow to see more outrageous claims and excuses in North Korean sports:

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