Little North West is not only taking after her reality star mom Kim Kardashian West in fashion, she has also developed a thing about tweeting. The tech-savvy toddler got hold of her mother’s phone and Tweeted a cryptic message Sunday. She caused a lot of stir amongst Kardashian fans with her tweet.

North’s tweet went out to her mother’s 37.8 million Twitters followers late Sunday night.

Kim realized that her daughter had mischievously posted her first Tweet three hours later. “Just realized North tweeted,” shared the 35-year-old realty star with a laughing emoji at the end.

The toddler’s Twitter debut has since garnered 27,000 retweets and 40,000 likes.

However, not everyone was a fan of Nori’s impressive use of technology. A Twitter user with the handle “IsItCrystal” chimed in with a very rude response. The protective mother shut down the hater stating that at least her little girl would know how to spell “their”. The user has since deleted the tweet. 

Meanwhile, in November, Nori as she is popularly called, posted a sexy shot of her mom, a throwback photo of Kim in a sparkly bikini on her Instagram account.

“No one believed me, but I swear North posted this,” Kim told in her blog during that time. “She’s always following and unfollowing people on Twitter! I deleted it and then put it back up because why not, haha!!!”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, little Nori was spotted on a family trip to Disneyland. The mini-fashionista rocked a miniature pair of black Yeezy 350s, light-wash denim, and what seems to be a Palace long sleeve with its iconic logo. Palace is not into children’s wear, so North’s version of the jumper might be custom made.

The tot was spotted sitting in a stroller. Her curly dark hair was pulled up and tied into two knots with center-parting. She also wore small ear studs.

Her “Keeping up with The Kardashians” star mom gave birth to a baby boy Saint West on Dec. 5. The doting parents are now in Kris Jenner’s home while their Calabasas home is being remodeled. The couple also stayed with Kris after North was born in June 2013.