In some instances, investing in a sector that is out of favor is one of the more savvy things to do. Others may say that an investment in such a sector is a waste of time and money. Others, however, will see the longer view and take the rollercoaster ride for a final reward. If the reasoning is sound, an investor can make a nice profit by living by their convictions.

Northern Explorations Ltd., a natural recourses exploration company, works to develop properties primarily in North America. Although the company works across the range of natural resource opportunities, it is currently focused on natural gas plays in California, Texas and Alberta Canada.

The company has been making solid headway in establishing itself as a leading regional player within the natural gas sector. Today, it announced an agreement which gives it a 47.5% net revenue agreement in a West Texas natural gas opportunity. This project, the “Ozona Gas Project,” encompasses approximately 9,000 acres and is in a very well established natural gas producing region being exploited by most major natural gas exploration and production companies.

Northern Explorations is currently working with its West Texas opportunities but does seem to be a Canadian based company with its primary base located in Alberta Canada. At its primary site, there are 15 Natural gas wells planed with 72 potential well opportunities. Eight billion cubic feet of potential reserves are estimated. Past this potential capacity, the site is undeveloped and gives the company the first go at the 11,500 acre site. As natural gas prices are at an oddly low level, for the moment, there is a solid opportunity for those that have a slightly longer time line.