One company that is on the move is Northwest Biotherapeutics. Located in Bethesda, Maryland, Northwest Bio. has made a name for themselves as a biotechnology company that focuses on developing immunotherapy products that treat cancers more effectively that any current treatments.

A key to Northwest Bio’s success is that they do not use toxicities of the kinds that are associated with chemotherapies, while keeping the treatments cost-effective. While Northwest Bio. has a strong product in place that is beneficial to both the community and investors alike, they need more recognition and that’s why they have appointed Market Media Connect as their Communications Agency of Record.

Market Media Connect was formed to help shine extensive media attention on publicly traded companies through the use of public relations and electronic media. Led from its Los Angeles headquarters, Market Media Connect will support Northwest Bio’s communication objectives as the company moves into the next phase of its development.

When asked about the addition of Market Media to the Northwest Bio. family, Dr. Alton Boynton who serves as the CEO of the young company was quoted as saying, “We have spent over a decade developing our technologies and advancing our clinical programs. As we continue our own development, and as immune therapies for cancer come of age, we need a well-established agency with a broad base of expertise to help us communicate effectively about our vaccines, our clinical progress and the underlying scientific support. We are confident Market Media Connect is the right agency partner to help us reach the next level in our communication efforts.”

One of the major issues in cancer treatments today is how ineffective they tend to be for the patient. A patient who is already suffering needs comfort and many treatments cause disturbing toxic side effects and provide limited clinical benefits. Northwest Bio. wants to bring peace to the patients and peace of mind to the investor. Market Media Connect will help Northwest Bio. on this journey.

When asked about joining forces with Northwest Bio., Market Media Connect CEO James Morham stated, “Northwest Biotherapeutics is well positioned to transform the way the biotech community views cancer treatments. We look forward to working in tandem with Northwest Biotherapeutics to expand and strengthen their external communications and visibility.”

Currently, Northwest Biotherapeutics is trading in the $0.80 range. With the appointment of Market Media Connect as their Communications Agency of Record and state-of-the-art products in the pipeline that will appeal to the community and ease the pain of cancer patients and their families, Northwest Biotherapeutics may grow into a hidden gem in the near future.

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