They would say I am a spiteful loser and liar, who lacks morals and integrity, Anders Behring Breivik, the man responsible for killing 77 people in Norway last July, told an Oslo court on Tuesday.

They do this because I have implemented the most sophisticated and brutal assassination of nationalist Europe.

Tuesday marks the second day of the long awaited trial against Breivik, who, on July 22, detonated a car bomb outside of Norwegian government headquarters before going on a shooting spree at a Labor party-sponsored summer camp. During his testimony, in which he read from a written statement, the 33-year-old said that his actions were done out of goodness, not evil to prevent a major civil war, according to a translation from Norway's NTB newspaper.

At the start of the trial on Monday, Breivik pled not guilty to charges of terrorism, murder and attempted murder, saying the killings were acts of necessity.

I would have done it again, he told the court.

They were not innocent, non-political children, he said of the Utoya summer camp attendees he shot while disguised as a police officer. Most of them were between 14 and 20 years old.

These were young people who worked to actively uphold multicultural values. Many people had leading positions in the leading Labor party youth wing.

Under section 147 A and B of Norway's penal code, terrorism charges carry a maximum 21-year sentence in Norway; however, the court could extend his sentence if it deems Breivik is a danger to society. Additionally, the court's final determination on Breivik's sanity will be of great importance -- if declared insane, Breivik will be institutionalized rather than imprisoned.

Breivik has insisted that he is not insane, and that being labeled as such would be a fate worse than death. He has tasked his lawyer Geir Lippestad with proving that he was sane at the time he detonated the 900-pound car bomb that killed eight people in the Norwegian capital.

They expect us to applaud our ethnic and cultural doom, Breivik said during the second day of the trial. They should be characterized as insane, not me. Why is this the real insanity? This is the real insanity because it is not rational to work to deconstruct one's own ethnic group, culture and religion.

Tuesday's proceedings, like others that came before it, were emotionally and rhetorically charged. With the courtroom filled with students who survived the attacks at Utoya and the family members of victims, court administrator Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen told Breivik to cut short his testimony as it had degraded into harangue in which he condemned the summer program on Utoya island as a Hitler Youth meeting and condemned specific Norwegian journalists.

It took Breivik an hour and 15 minutes to read his statement.

The hearing was not without controversy from the other side either. Judge Thomas Indreboe had to be dismissed from the trial because it was discovered that he wrote The death penalty is the only fair outcome in this case!!!! on his Facebook page on the day after the July 22 attacks.