Reports are emerging that the gunman who carried out the deadliest terrorist attack in Norway’s history might have had British accomplices.

The British newspaper Daily Telegraph reported that Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian right-wing extremist who murdered more than 90 people on Friday in two separate attacks, had composed a 1,500-page document that delineated his plans. It was written entirely in English and signed “Andrew Berwick”, an Anglicized version of his name.

The document reportedly mentioned his “mentor” as an Englishman he identified as “Richard.”

The manifesto, entitled “A European Declaration of Independence,” was reportedly emailed to almost 6000 people before he set off bombs in Oslo.

Breivik also wrote that he is only one of 80 “solo martyr cells” recruited across Western Europe who are seeking to overthrow governments that tolerate Islam and permit the mass immigration of Muslims.

The 32-year-old Norwegian also claimed that he was recruited by two English extremists at a meeting in April 2002, which was attended by up to eight people from across Europe.

He specifically mentioned he was in contact with the anti-Muslim English Defense League (EDL) and repeatedly made repeated references to British politicians, including former Labour Prime Ministers Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, and blamed them for turning London into a global center of Islamic terrorism.

However, the EDL has denied any links with Breivik.

The group said in a statement: “We can categorically state that there has never been any official contact between him and the EDL.”

Meanwhile, anti-terrorism officers in Scotland Yard are now seeking to determine if Breivik visited the London area in recent years and if he is part of a greater conspiracy that plans to conduct similar attacks.