Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd., an Israeli-based developer of advanced measuring instrumentation for the semiconductor industry, today announced receipt of new bookings totaling $10 million. When added to previously announced orders for the quarter, the result is an all time record for quarterly bookings. The orders have come from several customers for stand-alone optical CD, integrated metrology, and software products. Most of the orders are scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2010.

Nova president and CEO, Gabi Seligsohn, said of the orders, “Our recent market share gains and penetration to new customers, combined with the swift recovery in industry spending patterns, are expected to result in a very strong finish for the year, in terms of revenues, profitability and year-end backlog. In light of the improving economic conditions and key customer decisions to significantly increase tool orders to support capacity build up, we believe that 2010 will be a year of significant growth for the company.”

Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. is a leading global semiconductor equipment manufacturer with solutions and services that are used by 21 of the largest 25 IC manufacturers. The company’s expertise in thin film and optical CD and shape profiling metrology systems are designed to address the complex measurement and process control challenges of High Volume Production (HVM) in 300 and 200 mm IC manufacturing, from 90nm to the demanding 45nm and 32nm technology nodes.

Nova’s systems utilize a combination of spectroscopic reflectrometry and scatterometry to measure CD, trench depth, photoresist height, thickness and shape of complex layer stacks, as well as a variety of other features and parameters. This guarantees the delivery of tight wafer-to-wafer and within-wafer control. The company offers Integrated Metrology (IM) and Stand-alone (SA) metrology product lines as needed. These hardware products are complemented by advanced structure modeling and application development software, empowering fabrication engineers with the automation and flexibility necessary to develop in-fab 2D/3D and in-die applications for high-end semiconductor devices.