Novak Djokovic can do no wrong.


Five grand slam singles titles, most recently at the Australian Open, a Number One ranking and now -- wait for it -- an on-court massage from Brazilian models.


How can all that be possible for just one man? Is being Novak Djokovic better than winning the Powerball jackpot?


The Serbian racquet master's massage took place in Rio during an exhibition match against Brazilian tennis great Gustavo Kuerten. Kuerten won, though it may have been Djokovic who really came out on top.


As Djokovic took a breather on the sideline, the four beautiful models who stood behind him dug their hands into his shoulders, which the tennis star quite enjoyed. When his shirt got in the way of the massage, Djokovic peeled it off to help the ethereal models do their task. 


Instead of all of them jumping to massage his back at once, the cavalcade of models paused and allowed the tallest one of the group to massage the now-topless tennis star as they laughed and giggled.


Djokovic jokingly grabbed a towel and pretended to go to sleep. He then got up and hugged all four models before exchanging forlorn goodbyes.


He wasn't done yet, though. Djokovic then grabbed the attention of the onlooking ball boys and flexed for them.