Novatel Wireless, – the widely recognized leader in intelligent 2G-4G driven wireless solutions for a variety of global markets, reported a big win for the Company’s revolutionary MiFi® 4082 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot today in the Technology Innovation/Hardware category at the 2011 MobileTrax Mobility Awards.

One-touch connectivity for up to any five Wi-Fi enabled devices pumping through a massive 4G WiMAX pipeline, no cables and no software installation, the MiFi 3G/4G Intelligent Mobile Hotspot is also incredibly portable, being roughly the size of a credit card.

Preloaded with the intuitive, lightweight and yet extremely powerful MiFi OS™, comprehensive widgets and application support features, the MiFi 4082 wowed the panel, shattering perceptions of what to expect from a mobile hotspot product. The device has so many amazing features, from an external e-Ink display with a real-time diagnostic UI showing devices connected, battery levels and signal strength, to a shared storage capability via a 32GB microSD™ slot.

CMO at NVTL, Rob Hadley, hailed the prestigious award as a true honor and stamp of excellence placed upon the MiFi 4082 by distinguished industry professionals. This award signifies that the technology is a crowning achievement for NVTL, which goes on the shelf alongside other products from the Company’s impressive portfolio of innovation in the 2G-4G space.

Principal analyst at MobileTrax LLC, J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., showed great enthusiasm to be handing this award to NVTL for the second year in a row and expressed the overwhelming consensus from the panel that, despite a strong field of contending mobile hotspot entrants, the MiFi 4082 crushed the competition with superior design, features and usability.

Dr. Purdy singled out NVTL for their “focused efforts on delivering the most cutting edge mobile broadband devices”, strong words coming from the top analyst over at MobileTrax and taken together with this award it couldn’t be a more glowing endorsement for the product.