Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been rivals from the time they entered the market over a century ago. Both the brands are waging a global advertisement war, trying to dominate the soft drink market share in every possible way.

Most fights and competitions see a conclusion in the long run. But the war between Coke and Pepsi has not ended even after a century, and will never ever end, as both claims to be the victor.  Coca-Cola and Pepsi entered the market in 1886 and 1903 respectively.

The standoff between them has never been a 'cold war.' Time and again both the brands have experimented with every possible strategy to crush the other down and, that too, very openly in the market, by the advertisements, controversies, accusations, legal war and a lot more.

Now, some of the popular reality TV shows have started influencing the 'cola war.' When Coke is sticking with its sponsorship for the 11th consecutive season of American Idol, PepsiCo has rolled up its sleeves and is getting back to its musical marketing by sponsoring a popular television show - X Factor.

According to a U.S.A Today report, Pepsi will broadcast 60 second and 30 second ads that feature footages of superstars including Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Kanye West, Mariah Carey and even Ray Charles. One of its promotional ads features an anonymous, hooded singer who grabs his Pepsi before getting on the stage. It has also announced that the winner of X Factor will get a chance to appear in a 2012 Pepsi Super Bowl spot.

According to a report by Beverage Digest, Coke's market share is little higher than that of Pepsi. Pepsi is now putting its best foot forward in the battle for market share with its new strategies by sponsoring musical shows.

We have a rightful place in music, says Frank Cooper, chief global consumer engagement officer at PepsiCo Beverages. We've made a conscious decision to go aggressively back into music, he was quoted as saying by the U.S.A Today.

Coke spokeswoman Kerry Tressler says, We're always up for some friendly competition.

Thumbs-up to the musical battle!