Departing or burying the dead people in designer coverings or outfits and with proper make-up seem to be the latest trend driving the fashion industry.

London-based beauty company Illamasqua has collaborated with Leverton & Sons, one of the oldest funeral directors in Britain, to offer an innovative, professional funeral make-up service.

Named Final Act of Self-Expression, the service encourages people for whom making-up is an intimate part of their identity to plan their final transformation.

“Illamasqua encourages people to self-express and embrace their alter ego in every way. Why should this be any different when you pass away? It is a celebration of life, and one that should be indulged for your last glamorous look,” the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

Designing for the dead is a sudden craze gripping the fashion industry, feel industry experts. Sydney-based fashion designer Pia Interlandi has been designing such outfits keeping in considerations designing a garment that is for the ground and that should be environment friendly.


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