The New South Wales will invest $439 million in education system's information technology and communication projects.

It was also reported that the NSW Department of Education and Training have allocated $433.9 million for IT and communications project in the 2010-11 state budget.

The department will focus on its Learning Management and Business Reform Project and provide an electronic document and records management system to substitute legacy finance and student administration systems in schools, colleges, and department levels.

The costs of the reform project would escalate to $130.05 million.

The spokesman of the department disclosed that $243 million was allocated to three IT projects – the final stage of the reform for human resources and payroll, a student administration and learning management systems, and an enterprise information management system.

The purpose of the reform is to upgrade the departmental recorss management systems.

The project will allow the department to better manage the creation, retention and disposal of records and enable the department to meet its compliance obligations, the spokesman said.

More than 10,000 staff will benefit from the improved systems and work process to alleviate customer service.

It is also anticipated that this project will result in productivity improvements and administrative efficiencies across the department, reducing the reliance on paper-based records management and minimising associated storage and retrieval costs.