New South Wales may be losing their technology chiefs as Stephen Wilson will step down on his post as the Department of Education and Training chief information officer.

Media reports have stated that Mr. Wilson has tendered his resignation and is expected to exit by the end of this week. It was also revealed from a source that he has accepted a position with a private sector and will start his new job in August.

Mr. Wilson's exit may be a big loss to DET and the state as he previously helped advisory groups such as NSW's data center reform steering committee.

DET owns one of the largest IT shops in Australia with over 96,000 employees, 1.2 million students, and more than 350,000 devices. Mr. Wilson was responsible for handling the budget of half a billion dollars.

He is also well known by IT collegues due to his affable nature and making public appearances in IT events.

Mr. Wilson's achievements have branded him as “chief architect” of NSW's successful computers-in-schools programs to support the federal government's $2 billion digital education revolution.

Mr. Wilson also has various levels of experience in business, including sales and marketing.

As of press time, DET director-general Michael Coutts-Trotter will be looking for Mr. Wilson's replacement as CIO who can manage the IT communications project in the recent state budget.