NuEarth Corp. provides biodegradable products and clean technologies for various industries, including agriculture, agro-forestry, water and soil remediation, beach/dune restoration, water desalinization and energy conservation. The company’s technologies span a broad spectrum of applications, including agricultural supplement testing, qualification and certification, machine tool lubrication and cooling, soil enhancing, rehabilitation and reclamation, and road construction and maintenance.

All of the company’s products are biological-based compounds or organically-based chemicals, which have been used for U.S. coastal restoration and in the European markets for more than 10 years. Leveraging itself on the proven success of the products, NuEarth anticipates generating more interest in U.S. activities by introducing its compounds and chemicals into larger commercial markets.

As public and private industries continue to move away from hazardous chemicals and toward less toxic chemical substitutes, NuEarth plans on taking advantage of Environmental Protection Agency regulations by emerging as a provider of environmentally friendly solutions.

NuEarth’s growth strategy includes product and technology expansion for beach/dune restoration, agriculture and dry land development. The company is also seeking funding for working capital for continued research and development activities. Additionally, the company has secured long-term contracts to boost sales while increasing its market presence with strategic alliances and a proven marketing structure.