Numerex, – one of the world’s top machine-to-machine (M2M) solution component providers, in conjunction with leading specialized wireless solutions developer Enfora, Inc., a Novatel Wireless (NVTL) company, announced today a major agreement with iGPS to create a real-time situational awareness solution for its massive fleet of RFID-enabled, 100% recyclable all-plastic rental pallets.

A real pioneer, iGPS operates the first and only such all-plastic, RFID-enabled pallet rental service and has shown breakout market momentum since its initial foray back in 2006.

Numerex is well known for Numerex DNA™, a powerful fusion of device, network and application spaces into a rock-solid end-to-end solution for M2M.

This is an incredible system taken as a whole, constituting a global smart solution for continuous monitoring of the logistics environment via the pallet addresses supply chain:

• iGPS – sharp cost savings and all of the vast logistical benefits from switching to a rented plastic pallet that was engineered to be robust and is equipped with an embedded RFID tag
• Numerex – Numerex WorldPass™ global network service and support capabilities will provide a seamless connectivity backbone
• Enfora – Enfora’s N4A™ platform, an extensible architecture designed to supercharge enterprise communications, at the nucleus of which is the incredibly powerful Business Intelligence Logics module, will drive the engine

President of NVTL subsidiary Enfora, Mark Weinzierl, touted the world-class smart devices and intelligent management platforms for which Enfora is known as the ideal solution to help create the iGPS smart solution. Weinzierl cited an 80% recovery rate without field assistance in initial implementation data as a positive baseline, reinforcing an impressive one year projected ROI with exceeded key performance indicators.

CIO at iGPS, Jack Sparn, explained that the Numerex WorldPass service and collaborative effort from Numerex/Enfora have enabled the iGPS development team to realize a “unique and world-class” solution with optimal integrated tracking.

Sparn put a $1M price tag on otherwise lost assets recovered thus far, a glowing testimony to the market potential this solution represents, especially when one considers the extremely short interval in which the solution was able to produce those results.

Chairman and CEO of NMRX, Stratton Nicolaides, hailed iGPS’s bold vision for transforming the logistical landscape globally through the addition of systemic intelligence based on wirelessly connected RFID.

Nicolaides underscored the potential impact of this system for the global shipping and receiving framework employed by companies around the world, emphasizing the collaborative effort between the companies in helping to seize this paradigm-shattering foothold.