NuMobile, Inc. is a company that keeps up with technology, and as a result, is advancing faster than others in the communications industry. The company just went into high gear pushing them forward. Emerging markets are a proving ground as to how much business they can actually create. The economies of these areas are stable enough and the customer base is vast, creating a strong desire to catch up with the rest of the world with modern communication technology.

The U.S. is saturated with technology that makes our lives more efficient and productive. We as a society rely heavily on our ability to communicate. Whether it is families, corporate and industrial, law enforcement, medical, or the military, the list is endless. What most don’t realize is that this technology still has yet to reach the rest of the world. Not everyone lives the way we do.

Different countries are working with companies to either improve what they have now or start from scratch. That is exactly what NuMobile is doing. They have just begun a three-year contract providing mobile internet services to business travelers in Southeast Asia. They took advantage of the opportunity to provide market software solutions to the smart-phone and mobile computing market in Southeast Asia and it is paying off big. This deal is anticipated to generate a minimum of $250,000 in revenue for the company in its first year and bring in a total of $1 million over the life of the contract.

That’s not all they are up too either. NuMobile also recently announced that because of their sales efforts, they secured a contract with the National Guard. They have just completed the initial phase for the National Guard to deliver an information system for DIACAP security vulnerability assessment and information assurance accreditation.

They also struck a deal with a healthcare software company to direct a network security monitoring system to support healthcare related security requirements. The healthcare security industry reported revenues of $1.66 billion in 2007 and revenues are expected to reach $5.78 billion in 2014. NuMobile is accomplishing so many things at once, that it would be difficult to not put them on your radar.