NuMobile, Inc., a smartphone and mobile computing solutions company, recently announced the release of an on-demand corporate Webcast, which outlines the company’s anticipated $1 million sales pipeline and discusses NuMobile’s new business strategy to build a portfolio of security and software solutions for the mobile computing and smartphone market.

The Webcast also includes a discussion of the company’s $0.10 suggested fair value target price per share and a review of future events that could raise the suggested fair value target price per share to $0.50. A link to the Webcast is available online at under Investor Relations titled “NuMobile Sales Pipeline Report Webcast.”

In other news, NuMobile recently announced a contract with a healthcare software company to pilot a network security monitoring system. NuMobile will provide solutions to support healthcare related security requirements, an industry with reported revenues of $1.66 billion in 2007 and anticipated revenues of $5.78 billion in 2014.