Nutrastar International Inc., the well known PRC-based producer and distributor of nutraceutical products based on the renowned herbal nutrient, Chinese Golden Grass, is capitalizing on the massive Chinese upswing in demand for organic and specialty foods. The company announced today the retention of boutique investor relations firm and communications service specialist American Capital Ventures (ACV), which has a strong reputation for handling the complex needs of China-based companies trading in US markets.

Founder and CEO of NUIN, Ms. Lianyun Han, pointed to the leadership status of the Company in the Golden Grass market, citing huge gains in market share and revenues as a clear indicator that the services of a sophisticated IR firm like ACV are necessary to maintaining a clear, comprehensive and concise dialogue between the Company and investors.

President of ACV, Mr. Howard Gostfrand, indicated that the diverse and unique market position of NUIN as a leader in supplying the primary ingredient in Chinese Traditional Medicine, which is also the key component in the Company’s new specialty beverage debuting this quarter, makes NUIN particularly attractive to shareholders with its high-margin business model, healthy revenues, positive cash flow and intrinsic value.

Gostfrand reaffirmed ACV’s dedication to providing NUIN with a comprehensive and results-oriented approach to IR, pledging the vast experience of the ACV team, their network of international affiliates, and strong ties to the broker community in working with the Company’s management in achieving manifold improvements in communication and investor outreach.

Harbin-based NUIN has a roughly 19% market share for Golden Grass, with a distribution network for its products extending beyond 10 provinces and plans to supercharge its market penetration with the help of ACV.