Yesterday, nutritional ingredients developer, Nutrition 21, Inc., announced that chromium picolinate has been officially approved for sale in Canada. Nutrition 21 can now sell its Chromax® brand of chromium picolinate to Canadian manufacturers, marketers, and importers of natural health products. The substance will be sold as a natural health product, also known as a dietary supplement, as determined by Health Canada.

“Chromium picolinate is now the only organically bound chromium approved for sale in U.S., European Union, and Canadian markets,” stated William J. Levi, vice president, Ingredients and Special Markets. “We are delighted to be informed of the Canadian approval of chromium picolinate, which now allows us to expand sales of our Chromax® ingredient to natural health product manufacturers and marketers servicing the Canadian market.”

Health Canada must give approval to all natural health products prior to marketing in Canada. Upon review of Nutrition 21’s product, Health Canada issued a revised monograph that now allows applicants access to an expedited licensing process, aiding manufacturers in quickly releasing chromium picolinate products into the Canadian market.

Michael A. Zeher, president and chief executive officer of Nutrition 21, Inc., commented, “Access to new markets worldwide provides Nutrition 21 with a strong platform to accelerate expansion of our ingredients business and is consistent with our new strategic growth plans. Chromium picolinate’s regulatory approval in Canada and the European Union provides further credence to the product’s safety and utility.”