Nuvilex Inc. is an emerging healthcare consumer products company working toward the development, licensing and commercialization of aesthetics, dermatology, environmental and nutraceutical products worldwide. So far, it seems the company’s marketing campaigns are paying off – and the company is happy to address its growing presence. The company today announced that because of a recent surge in consumer interest, it will offer free Cinnergen samples through its Web site

Cinnergen is a preventative whole food supplement packed with nutrients that help the body process sugar, helping to prevent pre-diabetes conditions such as insulin resistance and blood sugar fluctuations

“Cinnergen is an experience product,” Martin Schmieg, chairman and CEO of Nuvilex stated in the press release. “If you try it, we are convinced you will like it and make Cinnergen a part of your daily diet. We are taking aggressive steps to introduce Cinnergen to more people every day. We have the inventory to invest in this effort and I believe our future sales growth will benefit.”

According to the press release, Cinnergen online sales are nearing the 2008 sales peak, with 500 units marked in April and May of 2008. The company attributes in recent surge to its Nuvilex’ Internet Marketing Campaign launched in April 2008, which drove a 330 percent spike in online traffic.