Graphics chip maker Nvidia launched the latest graphics card GeForceGTX 590 and claims it as the world's fastest and quietest graphics card.

Powered by dual NVIDIA Fermi-class graphics processor units (GPUs) on a single card, the GTX 590 specifications include a combined 1024 NVIDIA CUDA architecture cores, 3GB of GDDR5 memory, 6 billion transistors and over 2200 individual components all packed into an 11 inch dual slot card.

The GTX 590 provides a 32 tessellation engines that can power today's cutting edge DX11 games at resolutions of 2560x1600 and higher.

With four separate video outputs on each card, consumers can configure their PC with four independent displays, or they can span their gaming across 3 3D displays, at a resolution up to 5760x1080.

Like all NVIDIA DX11 Done Right GPUs, the GTX 590 delivers the world's fastest performance for DX11 games. And with NVIDIA SLI technology, the industry's most scalable multi-GPU platform, gamers can increase their PC's gaming performance by adding a second GeForce GTX 590, for an incredible Quad SLI gaming mode.

GTX 590 has a special cooling system and dual vapor chambers which deliver both astounding performance and acoustics. Measured with a standard decibel meter, the GTX 590 clocks in at 48dB, more than two times quieter than the closest competitive product under full graphics load.

To the human ear, this difference means the GTX 590 delivers a 3D gaming experience that is typical of a quiet library. In comparison, the competition's product is more on par with a busy freeway, Nvidia said in a statement.

The GTX 590 is the best dual GPU product ever built, said Drew Henry, general manager of GeForce GPU business at NVIDIA. With leading performance, support for multi-monitor 3D gaming, Quad SLI, and an acoustic envelope that begs to be heard for how quiet it is, the GTX 590 epitomizes what a perfect dual graphics card looks, performs, and sounds like.

GeForce GTX 590 is available for sale from today at an estimated price of $699 from the add-in card partners, including Asus, EVGA, Gainward, Gigabyte, Inno3D, MSI, POV, Palit, and Zotac.

Following are the specifications of GTX 590:

GPU Engine Specs:

CUDA Cores:  1024

Graphics Clock: 607 MHz

Processor Clock: 1215 MHz

Text Fill Rate: 77.7 billion/sec

Memory Specs:

Memory Clock: 1707 MHz

Standard Memory Config: 3072MB (1536MB per GPU)

Memory Interface: GDDR5

Memory Interface Width: 768-bit (384-bit per GPU)

Memory Bandwidth: 327.7 GB/sec

Feature Support

Microsoft DirectX: 11

Open GL: 4.1

Bus Support: PCI-E 2.0 x16

Certified for Windows 7: YES

SLI Options: Quad

Supported Technologies: DirectX 11, 3D Vision, CUDA, PhysX, SLI, 3D Vision Surround

Display Support:

Maximum Digital Resolution: 2560x1600

Maximum VGA Resolution: 2048x1536

Standard Display Connectors: Three Dual Link DVI-I, Mini Display Port

Multi Monitor: YES



HDMI Version: 1.4a

Audio Input for HDMI: Internal

Standard Graphics Card Dimensions:

Length: 11 inches (280mm)

Height: 4.376 inches (111mm)

Width: Dual Slot

Thermal and Power Specs:

Maximum GPU Temperature: 97 C

Maximum Graphics Card Power: 365 Watts

Minimum System Power Requirement: 700 Watts

Supplementary Power Connectors: Two 8-pin