NXT Nutritionals Holdings Inc. develops and markets proprietary, patent-pending healthy natural sweeteners, aimed at satisfying that sweet tooth without sacrificing the waistline. The company today announced the gross sales from its all-natural Healthy Dairy Yogurt smoothies, posting a 500 percent increase from last year.

Gross sales for the smoothies hit approximately $2 million for fiscal 2008, which the company attributes to the introduction of its products into several thousand stores scattered throughout 14 states on the East Coast. According to the company, the drinkable yogurt market represents 6 percent, or $221 million, of the $3.5 billion yogurt market. Michael McCarthy, president and CEO of NXT, said the company plans to move forward with more flavors and other dairy products to remain a competitive player in the growing yogurt market.

“There is no other smoothie product currently in the marketplace that has Healthy Dairy’s combination of appealing packaging, the health benefits of SUSTA, and our taste profile,” McCarthy stated in the press release. “We plan on continuing to introduce new flavors of our Healthy Dairy Smoothies in the near future. Additionally, because we are the only Yogurt Smoothie product that uses SUSTA we believe that we can successfully leverage the success of the Healthy Dairy brand into other dairy product lines as well, such as cup yogurt and ice cream so that we can compete in the larger yogurt marketplace.”

Operating through its wholly owned subsidiary, NXT Nutritionals Inc., NXT offers healthy sweeteners, food and beverage products bases on its all-natural sweetening systems, SUSTA. SUSTA is the main ingredient in the company’s yogurt smoothies, and is also marketed as a product itself.

NXT’s low-calorie Healthy Dairy Smoothies are available in strawberry, peach, mixed berry, tropical fruit, and strawberry-banana flavors, packaged in 12 bottle cases of 10 oz. plastic bottles.