Shares of NXT Nutritionals Holdings Inc. are currently trading at $2.10, up $0.68 or 47.89% for the day. The stock, which hit a high of $2.38 today, is trading on solid volume of nearly 2.2 million shares. The company was first highlighted in QualityStocks’ FREE Daily Newsletter back on May 7, 2009 when the stock was trading for only $1.01 a share. So, in less than six months, investors who may have first discovered the company through QualityStocks would have more than doubled their money.

NXT Nutritionals is a developer and marketer of SUSTA which is targeted at individuals for whom sugar is not a viable desirable option, such as diabetics and people on weight loss programs. SUSTA is the only sweetening system in the retail marketplace that is all-natural, low glycemic, contains soluble fiber and probiotics, along with vitamins and minerals that help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, aids digestion as well as supports the immune system.

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