NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc. has done something that a lot of people have been waiting for. The company has developed, and is now marketing, an all-natural healthy sweetener, unlike anything that has gone before it.

It’s called SUSTATM, and it’s a proprietary, patent-pending blend of non-caloric ingredients that effectively replaces high glycemic content with nutrients in an all-natural way. Products using SUSTATM are nutrient rich, high fiber, low sugar, with no or low fats, and no added trans or hydrogenated fats. SUSTATM is designed to provide energy and nutrition, working with your body naturally to help transform fast-absorbing sugars and carbohydrates into slower absorbing and healthier energy. It provides, again unlike other sweeteners, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and key cellular nutrients to promote calorie efficient metabolism while aiding your heart, bones, and immune system.

SUSTATM is now available to consumers in individual packets, as well as in the company’s Healthy Dairy® products, such as its all-natural yogurt smoothies. NXT is quick to point out that these are not your average smoothies. In addition to SUSTATM, each serving contains 1 million probiotics bacteria per gram, along with 23 essential nutrients and proteins. It also contains plant sterol esters, significant to people watching their cholesterol since a diet of 0.8 grams of plant sterols in two meals per day has now been proven to lower cholesterol.

NXT Nutritionals aims to grow aggressively and become a leading producer and marketer of healthy alternative foods and beverages offering superior taste. Much of the responsibility for this will fall on the shoulders of beverage industry veteran Mike McCarthy, president and CEO. Mr. McCarthy has over 25 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience in the industry. After selling his own business, Juice Creations, to Pepsi Cola, Mr. McCarthy built the Juice Creations product line into a $63 million business in the first year after Pepsi Cola’s acquisition. He has served as the Vice President of Fountain Solutions for Pepsi Cola, built one of the largest independent Royal Crown Cola fountain manufacturers in the United States, and has successfully launched numerous new beverages and dramatically increased sales of existing beverages for Pepsi Cola and other leading companies.

On an even bigger scale, NXT Nutritionals Holdings has a world goal of combating obesity and diabetes with products that are not only delicious, but truly healthy. And it sees SUSTATM as its golden ticket for getting there.