NXT Nutritionals Inc. is a developer and marketer of proprietary, patent-pending healthy alternative sweeteners as well as food and beverage products. The common ingredient for all of the company’s products is its SUSTA natural sweetener, a minimal calorie, all-natural, nutritional sweetening system. The company believes that SUSTA is superior to all other sweeteners on the market and that it is the healthier and better-tasting sweetener that consumers have long sought.

The company’s SUSTA sweetener is targeted at individuals craving sweetness but for whom sugar is either an unviable option or is an undesirable option. At the top of this group are diabetics, individuals on weight loss programs, and those proactively managing obesity.

SUSTA will be the only sweetener in the retail marketplace that is all-natural, low glycemic, contains prebiotics (soluble fiber) and probiotics, aids digestion, contains essential vitamins and minerals, helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and supports the immune system.

As the first step in its campaign to bring SUSTA to major food retailers throughout the United States, NXT Nutritionals today said it is beginning to ship SUSTA natural sweetener 50 packet boxes to New York City’s largest independent wholesaler and distributor, White Rose Food, which wholesales food to 1,800 food retailers from Maryland to Connecticut.

President and CEO Michael McCarthy of NXT Nutritionals said, “White Rose Food’s commanding footprint in the New York City and New Jersey metropolitan areas, which in turn is the largest retail food market in the United States, makes it an essential partner in our consumer outreach introduction.”

Mr. McCarthy continued, “With White Rose joining the SUSTA bandwagon, we are now established in the nation’s largest retail market. From here we plan to launch the SUSTA product through White Rose’s distribution network to undertake our corporate mission to have SUSTA available in retail stores throughout the United States.”