Lady Gaga, for once followed the rules and gave in when the New York fire service officials banned her from burning her piano at her Madison Square performance on Monday, reports

The fire department deemed the act too risky. Lady Gaga took the ban sportingly and even dedicated the set to the firefighters and the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attack. Lady Gaga is a native New Yorker.

She told the crowd, I was here on 9/11 in high school so God bless the fire department. I'm usually a jacka** when they tell me I can't set the piano on fire. So, this is me being a nerd to the town I love. GaGa then dedicated track You and I to anyone who has lost someone in the last 10 years.

Paul McCartney, Michelle Pfeiffer and husband David E. Kelley were some of the celebrities in attendance.

Lady Gaga sang her single Born this way, which thrilled her monster fans to bits, reports MTV news. The Madison Square concerts are being filmed for an upcoming HBO special about the singer.

The piano pyrotechnics have been a part of Lady Gaga’s gig for a long time. Her entire Monster Ball tour has had this act. The piano is set on fire while she continues playing her song.