The New York GOP is demanding that Rep. Anthony Weiner return all the campaign cash in his possession, saying that keeping the money sends the wrong signal about his intentions and motivations, NBC New York reported.

Weiner, who last Thursday tendered his resignation from office amidst increasing pressure from senior Democrats and Republicans galore, following a nearly three-week-long media maelstrom over the congressman's sending of lewd messages and photos to six women over the last three years, had raised more than $5.1 million for a potential New York City mayoral run in 2013.

The New York City Campaign Finance Board told NBC New York last week that Weiner can hold onto the money indefinitely, as long as filed the proper disclosures according to the deadlines. The New York Democrat can also give the money to charity, contribute to other campaigns or give it back to donors, the Finance Board said.

But State GOP Chairman Ed Cox, along with Republican chairmen for Brooklyn and Queens, said in a statement Monday that Weiner must return the cash.

Mr. Weiner received those funds from people who believe he was working for the people - not doing what he did, the three men said.

Weiner, who admitted three weeks ago to sending lewd messages and photos to six women over the last three years, has yet to submit his formal letter of resignation to House Speaker John Boehner, according to a Boehner spokesman.