A video has surfaced that shows two uniformed NYPD officers dirty dancing with scantily clad ladies at Brooklyn's West Indian Day Parade on Labor Day weekend -- the same parade connected to a shooting that claimed two lives and injured several people, including two police officers.

The video shows two uniformed officers grinding with parade revelers, after the women approached them and encouraged them to join in on the fun. It is unclear how long the dirty dancing lasted, and there is no indication that these officers were involved in the shooting incident that took place near the parade route.

Sources told the Daily News that the NYPD is examining the video and investigating the officers' behavior.

It's not corruption, a source familiar with the investigation told the Daily News. But it looks bad. It's young cops doing something stupid.

The identities of the dirty dancing police have not been disclosed.

Video Shows NYPD Cops Dirty Dancing at West Indian Day Parade: MyFoxNY.com