Holland's Nyenrode Business School has re-launched its IMBA programme after a one year hiatus where it restructured the course curriculum and the course financing structure. And as a sweetener, the school is offering some places with 100% fees dispensation.

had relied on Dutch banking giant ABN-AMRO to provide the majority of students with loans for the MBA program in the past, the tightening of that bank's belt during the recession made finding the funds for the program even harder. Nyenrode took the opportunity, according to Dr. Désirée van Gorp, the IMBA Director, to take a radical look at the curriculum.

We've changed to focus a lot more on personal development and leadership, she continues. We allocate one day a week on the course to this. Each Friday we have topics on leadership, meetings with CEOs, small diverse groups talking with business leaders, boot camps taking the students out of their comfort zone.

With a target of about 40 MBA students, Nyenrode - which means new roads in Dutch - is keen to promote a boutique feel to the course, with a high level of diversity and candidate competence. And to achieve this the school is offering, for exceptional candidates, tuition fees will be waived by up to 100%.

As a small school, says Dr. van Gorp, in order to have a level playing field we have tuition waivers of 100% for the top quality student. It depends on candidates' abilities. We are in competition with other business schools for the top candidates that we want to attract [so] the fee waiver is one way of achieving this.

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