Oakand Athletics fired its manager Bob Green, 49, Thursday, replacing him with Bob Melvin, 49, who is a former Major League manager.

Myself and my staff, as we'd been around the last few weeks or last month or so, it felt like a change was necessary, A's general manager Billy Beane said while announcing Green's firing.

Recently, A's lost their game against Orioles. It was their ninth loss in a row, relegating the team to the bottom of the pile in the American League West this year. As the manager of Oakland A's, Green has a 334-376 win-loss record, including a 27-36 mark this season.

Green's firing is significant as this is the first time in Oakland A's 25 years history to replace its manager during the season.

Beane has a lot of expectation on Melvin, saying Bob's got the rest of this year to make an impact.