If you thought oatmeal was for dour Scots and miserable kids, think again! The health benefits of oatmeal have seen it take off as one of Britian's favorite breakfasts.

Oatmeal, called porridge by us Brits, has taken off in recent years. I'm used to seeing porridge bars catering for hungry commuters at London's big train stations, and I'm not the only one who's noticed this trend.

The Guardian explains that porridge is the new power breakfast, stating:
One of Britain's oldest and most pragmatic dishes has metamorphosed into the morning meal of the moment, eaten by pop stars and politicians, suits and surfers, models on castings and actors on film sets...
Oatmeal is big in the States too, so much so that Jamba Juice have just announced another Oatmeal for a Buck deal.

Oatmeal is a healthy breakfast choice because:
Oats are naturally high in fiber and keep you full

Unless you add sugar yourself, it's a sugar-free option

You can mix your oats with skim milk or even water

Eating oatmeal regularly can help lower your cholesterol levels
There's really no excuse not to get in on the craze! Oatmeal takes mere minutes to make in the morning (I microwave mine while I'm doing the dishes, although purists would stir it in a pan over a low heat!)

And, don't be put off by a childhood dislike, give oatmeal another try, and add fresh or dried fruit, or a few chopped nuts and seeds to jazz it up a bit.

Are you an oatmeal fanatic? How do you like yours?