Oba Chandler, a Florida man convicted of killing a mother and her two daughters in 1989, was executed on Tuesday by lethal injection. Chandler, 65, was pronounced dead at 4:25 p.m. at the state prison in Starke, the final chapter of the 22-year-old case.

His execution is the second under Gov. Rick Scott since he took office this year. The first execution under Scott was that of Manuel Valle in September. Valle was convicted for the 1978 murder of Coral Gables Police officer Louis Pena during a traffic stop.

Scott signed Chandler's death warrant in October, according to CBS Miami.

Authorities convicted Chandler in 1994 for killing Joan Rogers, 36, and her daughters, Christie, 14, and Michelle, 17. The mother and her daughters were on vacation at Disney World and returning home to their farming community in Willshire, Ohio, after their trip to Florida.

Authorities said Chandler stripped the three from the waist down, bound and gagged them and then weighted their bodies before tossing them into Tampa Bay.

Investigators believe the three were looking for their motel when they got lost in Tampa. Someone wrote down directions for them and police believe that is how the Rogers met Chandler.

The three were last seen alive on June 1, 1989. Their bodies were found three days later floating off the St. Petersburg Pier and the Sunshine Skyway. Investigators suspected they were raped and then drowned.

Police received their first clue in identifying the killer through the rape of a Canadian woman two weeks prior to the Rogers' murder. The woman had told police that she accepted a boat ride from a friendly stranger who then raped and threatened to kill her, TampaBay.com reported.

Jo Ann Steffey, a resident of Tampa, saw a sketch of the rape suspect whom she believe looked like her neighbor, Chandler, who had the same boat the Canadian victim described.

But her tips were disregarded because of the multiple leads in the investigation. It wasn't until police released photos of the handwritten directions found in the Rogers' car that a breakthrough came.

TampaBay.com said Steffey and neighbor Mozelle Smith compared the writing on the note to samples of Chandler's writing from paperwork for jobs done in the neighborhood. They then faxed the results to investigators.

Police then began fitting the pieces together and the Canadian rape victim identified Chandler as the suspect.

Hal Rogers, whose family Chandler murdered, was present at the execution, in the center of the room.

Chandler's execution began at 4:08 p.m., hours after the U.S. Supreme Court denied a review of his case.

Chandler didn't give a final statement, but a prison official later read a written statement from Chandler dated Tuesday noting: You are killing a innocent man today. Oba Chandler,' according to reports.

No one from Chandler's family was allowed to watch the execution and he hasn't allowed any of them to visit him in prison. No one else made any requests to visit him either, according to reports.

Oba Chandler executed by lethal injection: MyFoxTAMPABAY.com